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Cotton cloth bags sewn by our students

India ist struggling to dispose massive quantities of plastic waste from packaging material, wrappers and single-use plastic bags. Plastic waste often ends up in the environment, polluting water, lands and killing animals.

The girls in grades 8-10 at the ZPHS Isnapur School have shown their increased environmental awareness by sewing reusable cotton cloth bags with the Rose emblem that can replace single-use plastic bags.

Following a pattern and a pre-printed piece of fabric, they sew 30 bags with the sewing machines that had been donated by ROSE. The bags were presented to the two founders Eva and Robert Fellner-Feldegg. With gratitude they took the elaborately made bags to hand them over to the many donors in Germany.


500 stainless steel plates for our students

ROSE has donated 500 breakfast steel plates for our school's students. We had already made arrangements for supplying breakfast for some students when the government anticipated our decision and started giving out free breakfast to all of our students. We are happy to be the initiators of this positive development.


Empowering girls to make their lives healthy and hygienic

The social activists Charlotte Leonhardsen and Russell Gard from Glossop, UK visited our school in October 2019. With the help of the tailoring teacher Ms. Easwari they taught the girls how to sew reusable sanitary napkins. Charlotte is working for an organization called "The Bureau – Glossop’s Community Wellbeing Charity" wich is concerned about women's health and hygiene in their community as well as worldwide.

While sanitary products are available for free at schools in the UK, it is still impossible or very expensive for women and girls in Southeast Asia and India to buy sanitary products. Girls often stay at home during their period and miss school.

The girls at our school are now provided with sewing classes for reusable sanitary napkins and a vending machine for disposable sanitary napkins as well as an incinerator for proper disposal. Each girl can have seven napkins per month for free. Furthermore there are special health and hygiene classes for girls.


Positive media coverage of our empowering girls project

Most Indian language dailies, some English newspapers and even TV stations covered our project with Charlotte Leonhard und Russell Gard.

The top bureaucrat the Province has given instructions to all the schools in their jurisdiction to study how to produce reusable sanitary napkins. The tailoring teacher says she is getting regular calls and inquiries from different schools. ROSE is making an impact!

Article in the Hindu

Article in The Hans India


New Equipment for the science room

A microscope as well as the basic equipment for chemistry and physics lessons were handed over by ROSE. The devices were presented through presentations by the students. The lectures by individual students were very impressive.


New playground with Cricket and Volleyball area

The new playground donated by ROSE is highly regarded, as Hyderabad is extremely rocky and therefore there are few straightened areas suitable for cricket, volleyball and other ball games. The creation of the area has cost about 10,000 euros.


Two students qualify for a sports school

Two boys of ZPHS Isnapur School qualified for a sports school admission for their extraordinary performance in 1000 meters running. ROSE is supporting the development of athletically talented children as well.


Fresh white walls at the ZPHS Isnapur School

Teachers and students enjoy the new environment of the freshly painted school. With the support of six helpers and the funding by ROSE, the work was done in a breeze.


Developing Tailoring skills

Our school is proud to offer new tailoring courses to the students. We were lucky to find Ms. Easwari, the new tailoring teacher. Many of the girls living in rural areas break up highschool or college due to financial and other reasons. If they develop tailoring skills before, they may be able to become self-employed tailors and can support the family. Empowering girls and supporting poor families in one of ROSE's main tasks.


Play ground equipment donated by ROSE

Children are enjoying the play ground equipment donated by ROSE.


ROSE donated three bookcases to the school library

As per the request of the school Management headed by the Head Mrs. Spandana ROSE donated three bookcases to the school library.


ROSE assists in funding the school

First we have to complete masonry and then the carpentry. After completing the same we will go for white washing.


ROSE hands over 3 computers

ROSE has delivered three Dell computers to the school.


1. Handing over the invoice n delivery note to the Head Mistress Mrs. Spandana.
2. ROSE Vice President Mr. Yvrao addressing the meeting.
3. ROSE team. Rao Reena and sudhakar
4. Students listening the speakers
5. Three Dell computers


Child Support

In the past, we were able to donate tables and chairs to accommodate about 80 students. We also collected books to build a library. Currently we have almost 200 books. We still collect more. Not only do we donate books, but study material such as pens, pencils and school bags as well. We pay the salary for two teachers on behalf of the school. In addition we adopted four girls and two boys who are very promising in their education but have a very poor family background. For all students we organized an educational tour to ICRISAT a world bank project in the nearby province.



So far we have collected more than 250 english books with this number increasing day by day thanks to the International School Augsburg´s (ISA) commitment to donation, which has already set up a permanent collection box frequently used by both parents and staff.

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