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ROSE was founded by Seshaiah Veeragandham and Robert Fellner-Feldegg in India, and in 2011 the German version of the non-profit association ROSE was created. The German organisation is headed by Robert and Eva Fellner-Feldegg. Their labour, know-how and a good amount of enthusiasm created a financial basis for the activities in India. This collected money is used locally to create a pleasant school atmosphere for the pupils. For example, benches, books and a playground were purchased, families and above all girls were supported and top pupils were further supported with scholarships.

ROSE status report and board meeting

In order to experience the status of the ROSE efforts at the ZPHS Isnapur School in Hyderabad, the Fellner-Feldegg family travelled to India on Thursday morning, April 4, until Tuesday, April 9, 2019.

New playground and equipment for the science room

On Thursday we were expected at the school by the children, the teachers and the board of ROSE. The inauguration of the new playground was on the program after the greeting.

The playground at this point is highly sought-after and appreciated, as Hyderabad is extremely rocky and therefore there are few straightened areas suitable for cricket, volleyball and other ball games. The construction of the area cost about 10.000 Euro. A scheduled volleyball game with the participation of our sons delighted everyone, including the spectators.

Furthermore, equipment for the science room could be handed over. A microscope as well as the basic equipment for the chemistry and physics lessons. The equipment was presented by the students. The lectures by individual students were impressive from the technical presentation. They exceeded our expectations.

News computers and sewing machines

The inauguration of a room with about 10 sewing machines was the next item on the agenda. Here the girls should learn the basics of tailoring in order to get the qualification to create their own income in case of need. The girls sewed children's and doll's clothes with enthusiasm. The tailor's teacher is financed by ROSE.

Further computers could also be purchased. About 12 pupils can be taught at the same time.

The following Monday the children were surprised with the two presentations of our sons Merlin and Roman. Merlin was able to explain the topic of plastic waste with a very informative and detailed lecture. Using various examples, he explained the type of plastic, its use and residue-free disposal. He even burned some of the plastic parts in front of the children. In his presentation, Roman explained his everyday school life in England, which met with great interest among the children.

Now that the toilets meet a better hygienic standard, the school is painted, there are benches and chairs and even water treatment is available, our school is now one of the TOP schools in this very poor area. For reasons of space and capacity, new pupils can only be accepted on a selected basis. At the moment we support 550 students.

Commited teachers

The respective teachers make a committed and positive impression, which is reflected by the children with openness. Especially the IT teacher, the tailor teacher and the science teacher are to be emphasized.

The current school director Mrs Spandana left a particularly positive impression. She is extremely committed and this goes far beyond her teaching assignment. The Indian administrative system prescribes a rotation after 3 years. Mrs. Spandana will stay at our ROSE sponsored school this and next year.

Individual sponsorships

In our board meeting we decided to take even more care of individual talents, to support and accompany them. Motivation for all of us are the first two students who are about to graduate with a Bachelor's degree and would never have been able to do so without the financial support of ROSE. The students had travelled especially to thank us and the board personally.

This is to be realized by questioning the students about their future career and training wishes. In addition there is the assessment of the teachers connected with the achieved grades. Support will be given individually, either through specific training, financial support (of the children or parents), or through the network of our Indian board members who will support a professional career through recommendations and relationships. We will promote sponsorships for individual students through German donors, who will pay a fixed monthly contribution of between 30 - 50€ (depending on education). Direct contact can be established via digital media to follow the child's career. Hereby we expect a higher willingness to donate due to the earmarking.

The expansion of the school library, for which more school books are to be purchased, is also essential (the children do not yet have any school books). The purchase of language and math learning programs is also being considered (we do not have access to them at a reasonable price).

Better health care

Furthermore, we want to check whether we can achieve an annual examination of the children with the help of a medical association. Hygiene products are to be kept for the girls. We are currently testing a supportive diet.

We want to achieve our ambitious goals with no administrative costs and a dedicated team in Hyderabad. Mr Rao, our former CFO of the Indian company, now has almost a full-time job. He will be supported by Mr Seshaiah, our former CEO and Mr Schächner, the former CFO of the Group in Germany, who has been living in Hyderabad, India, for five years.

Hyderabad has developed well in recent years. The picture is dominated by many new buildings. American companies now employ almost 1 million people, mainly in the IT sector. Which is why children's frequent career aspirations are related to "computers".

Unfortunately, despite all political efforts, the caste system has not changed in people's minds and so it is still a challenge for the poorest to provide their children with the necessary education.

We have set ourselves the goal of providing all interested parties and those willing to donate with knowledge better and faster.

The ROSE-team is thanking you very much for your support

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